Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Ok

Aylwin B. Lewis sits on the board of two major American corporations; Disney and Halliburton

--- Maybe it's the full tummy and the bottle of wine, but that sentence above just isn't ok. It's just not.

Lil' G and Supermarket Sweep

So we have less than two months left of the Bush administration and we are beginning to see weird things happening. It kind of reminds me of Supermarket Sweep. You know that show from the early 90's on like lifetime or something. (I was a latchkey kid) And towards the end of the show all the contestants run around getting all the things they never get to get when they go shopping, like 15 large frozen turkeys. I kind of feel like we are about to see lil' G run around screaming at lil' D "get pork n' beans and dish soap, I'll get the frozen peas!!" But instead what they are really saying is "you get melamine approved in infant formula and I'll pardon Edwin Edwards and we'll meet on January 21 at my ranch for some huntin'!"

Hmmmm . . . . Melamine

Oh, Edwin!