Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Another Manic Thursday

that's the worst one yet . . . .

Breakfast: physical therapy where I couldn't hold 3 planks for 30 seconds each and I think my underwear and new belly bulge was showing all their glory to the entire office but I did get another shot at traction. I'm really digging traction. A little robot stretches my spine out and my back doesn't hurt anymore . . . hell yeah! Also, my ortho Dr. is fucking hot. Nola Hot Doc. Almost as steamy as DC Hot Doc, also an Orthopedic. Are all Orthopedists hot? Luckily I tend to break things and sprain things often.

Lunch: I disappoint even more people. Get told off for giving up too easily and not believing in 'the movement' enough, have someone tell me our relationship is in obvious distress maybe never to be repaired, and 'Georgia still hasn't eaten (day two).

Late Afternoon Snack: Georgia goes to Obedience class. Barks through the entire 45 minutes. I think about kicking her, but kept reminding myself that people would see me.  . . . and that it is wrong to kick puppies. it is wrong to kick puppies. 

Early Fall Dinner: A fantastic bottle of Cabernet and twizzlers. Almost as wonderful as my favorite winter time dinner - bourbon and beef jerky. Georgia finally eats. Expensive organic duck and potato kibble. Fucking yuppie.

More breaking up phone calls to make tomorrow. These will hit my pride the worst.

Renee Claire

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dear Weekend Afternoons in New Orleans,

Thanks for the instant friendships, the cheap beer, the crazy old people with electric yellow soul patches and dancing like voodoo queens, a synchronized eruption of 'Who Dat!', naps in city park, a rearranged office space, warm homemade quiche, frequent trips to the new food co-op (only grocery store for 3 wards), Georgia catching sticks into the river at the end of the levee, Cabrini park homeless people that Georgia thinks are there for her enjoyment, and the longer than necessary conversation about how we all worked so hard by committing to stay in the same sunny spot until the sun finally set and provided us with a little shade.

You aren't too shabby.

Renee Claire

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm in the Poor House Now

Conference calls, $2 in the bank account until Friday, and left overs? It must be time to make bread with my left over greek salad and my aunt and uncles eggplants while on an early morning conference call. In a little over an hour I'll have enough bread to last over the weekend! I'm so productive!

And this morning I woke up to an NPR story of the press conference a couple of us crashed yesterday with our message loud and clear included in the story! We also got some press on it. I'm addicted to crashing other people's press conferences now. They do all the work, we pass out the truth and hold them accountable in front of their own press contacts. Works for me.

Renee Claire

ps. Trombone Shorty and the Stooges Brass band are playing for free this afternoon!! Have I ever mentioned I love this city?

pss. For the next two days instead of thinking about how I have $2 in my bank account I will be calling myself a motherfuckingcashmoneymillionaire. You have been warned. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 is the loneliest number . . . and FUCK YEAH!

1 is the loneliest number: Since I work from home and have no one to say 'hey have you read this?' I'm going to use ya'll as my cubicle mate. Or if I worked for an organization that cared about strategy and campaigning.

FUCK YEAH!: There are some amazing chemical reform activists around this country that have been working tirelessly to eliminate BPA. I've talked about it before, but its been a while. California just became the 11th state to ban BPA in baby bottles. Last week I received my daily email from the chemical industry's trade association ACC that state BPA is no longer being used in baby bottles. It wasn't long ago that the industry said you'll have pull BPA out my dead cold hands before we eliminate that chemical. In the years past I had mentioned over and over again about the one douchebag hired to attend city council hearings to lambast citizens concerned about having toxic chemicals in their children's bottles and sippy cups. Looks like that guy is out of job. We should send him one of those new Hallmark sorry you lost your job greeting cards with an invitation to leave the dark side.

Here is a blog about how the state by state approach worked.

Given that my job entails mostly wrangling wet blind kittens, I'm getting to do something outside my work that is much more my style. A couple of (seriously only like 2) are holding a press conference outside the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement office today. Senator Vitter and Representative Landry are having a meeting with Director Bromwich to discuss increasing the number of oil drilling permits. The agency slowed the number of permits handed out after the deepwater drilling moratorium was lifted last October 12. Almost a year to the date. We are going to talk to the press about 30 minutes before their press conference to stress that since the BP oil disaster over 3,000 oil spills have happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Little has been done to correct the problems that led to the disaster. In fact on September 16, 2011 the federal government released a report that blamed BP for the disaster (i know) listing 7 federal regulations that the company had violated and calling for stronger regulation and more consistent enforcement.

alright back to eating cold pizza and drinking my french press coffee and wrangling wet blind kittens.

Renee Claire