Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alive, Just Not Coherent

Good Afternoon,

Winter has arrived, even in California. It's terrible! No sunshine. Cold breezes. Wearing the only two pairs of jeans I own over and over again. I would like to stay under my covers watching romantic comedies and sipping on whiskey until April, please.

But instead I have much much to do, including more travel before the next big move. At least the holidays mean I get to drink Bailey's and coffee every morning without the usual long quiet stares from loved ones. Just kidding, I get those during the holidays too.

Anyways, I've been absent and I'm not going to lie I will be absent for a while more. I thought I would just say a quick hello before I hibernate for a while longer. In the new year, be prepared for lots of news and exciting stories.

And if you would like to get me a present, please make it this or these. Either one will go well with my new bedazzeled climbing harness and helmet.

I'm off in the search of a good soup.

Renee Claire