About Me

Born on the bayou to a family of Cajun's but raised in an equally hot and humid south Florida, I am Renee Claire. I didn't see snow until I was 22 and thought all those Christmas shows where families had fireplaces and wore sweaters seemed really odd. We celebrated Christmas on the beach and with margaritas.

I am an environmental and social justice advocate. I have worked and volunteered for Greenpeace, Center for Health, Environment and Justice, The US Campaign for Burma and a number of other local, national, and international non-profits. I'm often asked if I am interested in running for political office or getting a law degree or working in an environmental department of a corporation. I answer all those questions with no. I'm a story teller, explorer, and advocate and I hate working in an office.

I have traveled extensively and I've come to understand I might have an unquenchable curiosity. I want to know everything. I want to see everywhere. I want to meet everyone. I'm on my second passport, which is disappointing me, because 10 years after receiving my first, I believe I should be a bit further along in knowing everything, seeing everywhere, and meeting everyone.

I believe that we are each responsible for making our communities better, safer, and healthier. I don't believe you need a college degree in order to advocate for your community. In fact, sometimes I think higher learning degrees create unnecessary barriers to understanding what is needed in the world. I believe that political ideology has nothing to do with wanting your children to have a good education, clean air, drinkable water, and a safe neighborhood. I believe that a stay at home mom and a car mechanic has a much power to create lasting change as an executive director of some fancy sounding non-profit. And firmly believe that there is no difference between protecting the environment and protecting society.

I write mostly for my friends and family since they are scattered across countries and time zones and I don't spend nearly as much time with them as I would like. I write to become a better writer and a better advocate. I hope you enjoy.

Renee Claire