Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Secret Life of Paper

This is a super cute video from INFORM. I work with them often on green cleaning issues. They are helping countless k-12 schools switch from toxic cleaning products and practices to more environmentally friendly products.

I like this video because it talks a lot about life cycle. It isn't just about what we bring into our homes, it is also about what chemicals are used during the production of the product, and where it goes after we throw it away. I recently read this blog by a soon to be mom and she listed so much amazing information that she had found while searching for things for the new baby and then in the end talked about how overwhelming all this information is. It is. Overwhelming. There are so many things to think about when making responsible decisions. I make mistakes often. I use paper towels to dry my hands a lot. It would be pretty simple for me to carry around a little hanky. And if I stitched it up with some skull and cross bones I think it would be super cute too. (Weekend project, maybe. I do want to get back into knitting, why not add silkscreening to that)

I'm not saying that all the new 'stuff' that comes out from these big corporations don't make our life easier, they do. I'm a single girl living in a city and I commute (by public transport) for over two hours each day. I try to work out a couple times a week and read some books and by the time I try to hang out with some friends over a beer I'm pretty exhausted and usually can't do much else but fall asleep to a movie. So when it comes to making things as simple and easy as possible I'm all for it.Oh yeah and I'm pretty lazy too. But like everyone else I have that stupid nagging knowing that a lot of things that are made to make our lives simpler are just causing havoc on this little planet of ours. And why not take it down a notch and enjoy what we've got going on here. Visit the farmers markets, check out the local community gardens. Rush, faster, hurry up is how we are living our lives and its sort of poisoning us. Those anti-bacterial hand crappy things are totally unnecessary. soap and water way better. But we think because we need to get where we are going faster than we use to get there that we need stuff like that. But we don't. ohh man . . I totally just sounded like some Southern California yoga bookstore owner. bblllaaahhh.

Anyways, the bottom line is that we don't need all the stuff we buy all the time and with this debt and housing mess our dear beloved President has left us (have you seen those pictures of him in Bejing yet . . awesome!) we can't afford it anyway.

In this video I like how at the end it says, "come on people stop buying so much useless unnecessary shit!" or something of the sort I can't seem to recall the exact wording at the moment.

Happy Wednesday!

Renee Claire
(One Tough Cookie)

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