Friday, July 17, 2009


Today is my third to last day of my staycation. It's been pretty good. Though I almost feel more tired today than I did last Friday. I've done lots of exploring of the district and not too far areas in the past couple days. Here is what we did:

Saturday - Yoga and hiking at Quiet Waters, Annapolis
Saturday - Monday - drank wine, beer, and BBQed on a boat in Annapolis for three days: It doesn't sound tiring, but its exhausting to jump on and off a yacht, nap during the day while still finishing a bottle of wine, and keep adquately hydrated
Tuesday - Ate oyster poboys and lavendar lemonade at Eatonville on W and 14th. Took the 92 bus (nobody was shanked or deemed certified insane) to Eastern Market, drank iced coffee, ate Red Velvet Cupcake, drank beer at a pub and read books. The boy explored that crazy little book store and bought me presents. Ate dinner at Busboys and Poets, then wondered home to watch Kung-Fu Panda.
Wednesday - Took a very large puppy for a hike and canoe ride in Annapolis. Ate lunch at a place called Grumps where everyone wore their pajamas and the large puppy almost ate this old crazy woman. Rented a room at Hotel Monaco, drank wine, got $100 discount on our room and a free upgrade along with a free bottle of wine. Ate burritos and pasted out while watching TV in a jumbo super comfy bed.
Thursday - Woke up to a beautiful Kimpton room and watched Regis and Kelly, where they proceeded to explain the definition of a staycation. They stole my word!! bitches. Worked out . . .hmmm . . .well I left after 10 minutes and took a nap, while the boy worked out. Then we had lunch at this great mexican place near by apartment. You can get a pitcher of Margaritas, chips & guac and share a large burrito for $23. Drank beer and played Uno at Looking Glass. Wondered home, almost melted from the humidity and heat, took a long shower, and snuggled in bed with a cup of tea and watched the Constant Gardner.
Friday - Left the house around 1030 to have lunch and drop the boy off at the bus. Napped. Drinking wine. Might wash clothes but will probably just read instead.

I'd say I have the right to be really tired. That's a whole lot of staycating there.

Of course, we also listened and watched most of the Sotomayor hearings. It was interesting, boring, and weird. Senator Graham is a fucking weirdo. I can't tell if he hates her and is just saving his anger for other things or if he is secretly in love with her. I mean there were a few times I really thought it was going to slip out, "Run away with me, you wise latina you!!" But then there were these highly rehearsed questions where you know the only reason he is saying these things is because of his debt to South Carolinian campaign funders. "You say things that bug the hell out of me" -- and then ends his questioning?

I've been looking into some DC related social justice issues . . . hmmm. . . don't worry I won't name them all, neither one of us have that much time. I just finished The Turnaround by George Pelecanos. It wasn't as good as I would have liked, but did take me into DC in ways people like John Grisham just can't. Though as a producer and writer for The Wire I just thought it would go more into the character of the city. I also just rediscovered DC Central Kitchen, which is this amazing food distribution place in Shaw area, but though I had heard great things about their work training program, I had never looked too much into who works there and what they do. I guess the place started during the 1989 Presidential Inaugration, where the founder Robert Egger got a bunch of restaurants to donate left over food to remake into meals. They now make 4,500 meals a day from left over food and distribute it among other organizations in the area. They also have street teams that serve breakfasts. He also wrote a book called Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All. I want to read it.

As you might know, I'm obsessed with making nonprofits more effective and efficient. I'm much more of organizational person than a campaigner, though I am learning the ropes through much trail and error right now. I think that a big problem in the nonprofit world is that we don't run more like corporations as in effective project management and prioritizing the lowering of transaction costs. I work in a small organization so transaction costs can make or break us. I'm looking forward to reading this book and seeing what he has to say. I just ordered it from Amazon! Robert Egger is a pretty interesting guy. He got his start booking bands in the DC area in the 80's, which I've heard from the long time natives was an exciting time for the district in terms of music.

Anyways, my staycation is almost over but it's been pretty productive I think. I have had to do a couple things for work (its just because we are such a small organization, I am really am my entire team) but that's ok. My work is good.

And since us liberals get our news from the Daily Show . . .

Keep enjoying summer, we're half way through!
Renee Claire

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