Monday, August 3, 2009

to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means

Manipulation- For all it's negative connotations, it's a simple piece of being able to successfully function. And often deserves artistic respect.

'"Although Khamenei is very angry at Ahmadinejad ... they are in the same boat, so it was a superficial confrontation," she says. "They just want to mislead people ... and dissuade them from protesting."'

'The crack about Louisiana's reputation for corruption and backroom deals makes Carville laugh, too. "Yeah, I felt a little bit at home, to be honest with you," he quips.' Afghanistan elections are coming up. I'll make the gumbo!

'I am an American with the same rights as you have. If I want to see the actual birth certificate (not a certificate of live birth), then Mr. Obama should be man enough to show it to me'

'Mailers and ads appearing in newspapers across the state depict an empty grocery cart in the desert and warn that if BPA is banned, canned food and beverages might be vulnerable to spoilage or contamination. Food products, the ads say, could disappear from grocery store shelves even though "rigorous scientific reviews" conclude the products are safe'

'PVC is a synthetic material derived from natural resources (oil and salt) like many others used in our modern world, and is one of the most scientifically investigated substances on the planet. And investigations have consistently found that far from being the problem material that some NGOs have portrayed it to be, science indicates that it is not very different from other materials and indeed posseses some interesting natural advantages.'

'Scientific studies around the world have shown that waste-to-energy incineration plants are an environmentally safe option for disposing of solid waste when using available emission control technologies and high combustion temperatures. Because of their high energy content, plastics can help the entire waste mix burn hotter and more completely in a waste-to-energy incinerator.'

'The junta changed the nation's name, and changed the capitol's name from Rangoon to Yangon, when it seized control of the country.'

'Good thing environmentalists blocked building new nuclear sites. It's led to much continued reliance on coal and its byproducts over that period. And it will take some time for relief.'

'Liberal blogs are abuzz with stories today saying health insurers, D.C. lobbyists and opponents of health care reform are preparing to send people to town hall meetings at congressional districts this month to disrupt discussions on the issue'

'Skinny Jeans Dangers'

How was your weekend?

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