Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dudes that Believe in God

Nope this isn't a personal ad, but I do want to quickly provide a couple links to some dudes that believe in god talking about climate change.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Quite possibly the cutest dude to believe in god I've ever seen. I once missed a lecture by him at my university and I regret it everyday. I don't even know what I decided to do instead, but it wasn't important. It was probably to hang out with my boyfriend at the time, who was very religious and would make me go to church with him. Then ask me questions about the service to see if I had actually been paying attention. . . I hadn't. But did you know that Lutherns provide wine only every other service?

Last weekend Desmond Tutu spoke at a rally in Copenhagen. He talked about god looking down on all the people standing up for climate change solutions and smiling. I saw another clip of him discussing the bible, where he said that people should not believe in everything the bible says, pointing to the acceptance of slavery as an example of how to approach this book. I kind of have a big giant crush him. Watch this fantastic clip.

The Pope. Yeah, I know. But for the World Day of Peace he sent a note with a theme about the importance of protecting the environment in order to promote peace. He stated, "Our present crises, be they economic, food-related, environmental or social, are ultimately also moral crises, and all of them are interrelated." And said that too often environmental problems are put aside for "myopic economic interests". Here is the full text.

I would like to discuss this a little more, but I am too tired. I was woken by children running and screaming through the streets at way too early an hour this morning because Amsterdam had its first snowfall of the season overnight. Off for more coffee!


Renee Claire

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