Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Back. From Outter Space.

Hello My Gorgeous Readers,

I'm sorry for having been gone for so long. My life, as usual, has been full of unexpected and expected adventures. The expected is that I moved from Amsterdam to California! Very excited to be here and even more excited about the amount of sunshine I take in each day. The unexpected has been a reminder to be more thoughtful in who I let into my life because people are hurting, messy and complicated and have the potential to be much more so than I originally think. But it's happened before and if I live the long adventurous life that I plan on living, it will happen again. C'est la vie!

As you might or might not know, Momsrising asked me a while ago to regularly blog for their website, which I've been doing weekly. Except for the past month or so, where I've been laying on the beach and drinking white wine spritzers in a wonderful attempt to restore my vitamin D deficiency. They specifically ask recently to make sure that I do so on Monday, which is also National Healthy Schools Day. So check out my page over at Momsrising on Monday as I talk about the importance of eliminating toxic chemicals from our nation's schools. And be sure to check there each Monday as I continue to discuss toxic chemicals and what you can do to get it out of your bodies, homes, and planet.

I have to say, it's really good to be home and surrounded by so many great friends in the Bay area. I even convinced one of my good friends I met in Europe to come stay with me in June. This will be her first time in the states. And one of my best friends on the whole planet is coming up from San Diego to visit me for a week in May and has offered to drive cross country with me with all my stuff from DC to SF later this summer. And I saw Wicked for the first time (for free) and took in a Giants game last night and found an apartment and there's a chance I just got a job and I received a unexpected reminder about a few good things about my own character. Not a bad ending to my second week in the area.

Well, I'm off with a couple friends to explore another city for the weekend.

Take care my loves!
Renee Claire

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