Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Gumbo: Dreamy and Playful With A Touch of Reality

I'm sleepy. It's wonderfully beautiful outside right now and the cool breeze and bright sun are making it a tough day to do anything but daydream of travel.

Citizen Action Defeats $5 million Industry Budget: CA Assembly passes a ban on Bisphenol-A in children's food and drink containers. Several states, including New York and Maryland, have already passed similar bans. California is often a leader in community protection and this fight proved no different yet extremely difficult to do. Read up.

Oil Rigs and The Fisherman Who Love Them:
Mother Jones released an article about the defense of offshore drilling by the fishing community in the Gulf. I'm a bit upset about the situation in the gulf, especially given that the majority of my family work on the rigs, use to work on the rigs and now work in offices, or have a large chunk of the livelihoods depend on the oil and gas industry.

The fights and misunderstandings are just beginning between me and my beloved family members that believe a ban offshore drilling is an attack on who they are as people. So I'm trying to read as much as possible about what a ban really means, what it could look like, and the possibilities for those that work on the rigs to be the change within the industry to help our country make the switch to clean energy.

Time to Travel (Plan): For the remainder of the year I have plenty of travel already planned, including way too much time in Amsterdam, Paris, Spain, and Portugal. But in two years time, I'm planning a much much longer drive through south America with one of my best friends. A trip we decided to take while watching a World Cup match after having returned from a quick trip to Mexico. I want to be an explorer when I grow up.

My Very Talented Cousin Kelly: Art is in the Blanchard/Broussard genes. Check out my very talented cousin Kelly's pieces. She lives in southern Louisiana, like the rest of the crew, and paints landscapes from the area. She also builds, sews, creates, cooks, and makes everything you can think of, none of which I'm capable of accomplishing because my talent is napping in the sunshine.

Update: Minnesota Releases List of Chemicals of Concern: The Toxic Free Kids Act, which sounds like a bad MFA poem, required the Department of Health in Minnesota to release a list of chemicals of concern. Today this list was released. This will help health and environmental officials in the state to create standards and guidelines for limiting children's exposure to the listed chemicals.

Renee Claire

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