Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop the Madness

Oh my goodness.

I've had no fun for almost a week now. Except for my bike rides and I sat at the end of the pier of Lake Chalet eating $2 tacos and drinking $4 margaritas one day last week. The rest of my time has been working, mostly on things that I will probably never get paid for, like research for my trip to New Orleans and creating a long term strategic plan for one of the organization's I volunteer for and becoming obsessed with walking each aisle of REI. That place is amazing!

And now I'm almost done reading Zeitoun. I've paused at about the most horrible point in the book for a moment to collect myself. I've almost convinced myself to stop reading, but since I know the dude is alive and well and will be speaking at Tulane in October, I will finish it if nothing more to feel a little better before I go to sleep tonight.

This one is particularly trying, especially after the 9/11 anniversary, where of course I read article and article about the 'ground zero' mosque and had to defriend people on Facebook who were updating their status with racist remarks against muslims needing to prove to us (Americans) that they would be good from now on by not building the victory mosque so close to where the twin towers fell. I'm not kidding.

Can't we all just get a.l.o.n.g.?!

For three nights in a row I've eaten beef jerky, chocolate ice cream, and whiskey for dinner. And that's why I love America!

This song is fun to listen to in the morning while getting ready for the day!

Renee Claire


Community Rejuvenation Project said...

What? Developing a strategic plan isn't fun?? HA!

Community Rejuvenation Project said...

what? Developing a strategic plan isn't FUN??? Ha!