Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Gumbo: Prairie dogs, Edwin Edwards No Longer in Stripes, and States Take Action on Chemical Reform,

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Did you hear Radiolab's podcast on Prairie dogs? It was really good and it was featured on NPR Morning Edition today. I like to listen to Morning Edition everyday. Anyways, Radiolab is fantastic. Several years ago I had a big sleeping problem, as in I didn't do it. So I would stay up and listen to 88.5 and at around 2am this weird little show out of NYC would come on called Radiolab. It's been one of my favorite storytelling shows ever since.

Edwin Edwards was released from prison a couple days ago. He spent 8 years in federal prison for a the usual Louisiana politician stuff. He is living at his daughter's house instead of the usual half-way house for the remainder of his sentence and just got a job as a consultant to the head of the Louisiana Democratic Party. Don't worry he isn't being paid by the state Democratic Party and he isn't getting the usual amount that they pay consultants doing this type of work. ok.

There are about 30 states that are taking action this year on chemical reform. The Environmental Defense Fund just posted this new blog what states are planning on doing.

Directly from the blog: "A summary of the types of bills introduced or soon to be introduced follows.

Comprehensive State Laws: Nine states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Washington and Vermont, will be introducing or have introduced policies to change the way we regulate chemicals at the state level.

BPA Phase Outs: At least seventeen states will be introducing or have introduced policies to restrict the use of BPA in infant formula cans, receipt paper, baby bottles and/or sippy cups including: Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and the District of Columbia.

State TSCA Resolutions: At least eleven states will be calling on the 112th U.S. Congress to bring our federal chemicals policy into the 21st century: Alaska, California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

Banning Cadmium in Children's Products: At least eight states will be introducing or have introduced policies to ban the use of cadmium in children's products, including: Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey and New York.

Deca BDE (toxic flame retardant) Phase Outs: At least three states will be introducing or have introduced policies to reduce exposure to deca BDE, including: Alaska, Massachusetts, New York and the District of Columbia.

Legislation planned: Chemical safety legislation is also planned in South Dakota."


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