Monday, March 26, 2012

A Room with No Name

I'm slowly seeing the fog lift from the last month and am beginning to feel the strength to reorganize and reprioritize my home and work and future plans. For so many years I've spoken about opening a gathering space where friends and family of my local neighborhood could sit, talk, and strengthen the fabric of our community. A place where I can offer young adults their first job, have a place to read, and a space where activists (accidental or not) could hold meetings and develop plans, where new artists could showcase their work, and where you could check out a new book or reread one of your favorites. Where I could sit on a porch or backyard patio and sip on champagne with my friends and wear big hats and laugh way too loudly. 

I'm finally starting down the road to open this space. I'm looking at somewhere in the next three to five years to open a small tea room in the St. Roche neighborhood of New Orleans. The neighborhood is just starting to be revitalized and the long time St. Roche Market is finally starting to be rebuilt. I think this is the perfect time for both me and the neighborhood. And I'm looking forward to all the hurdles creating this community space will bring me.

Get ready, you will no doubt have a role in making this possible.
Renee Claire

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