Sunday, November 23, 2008

Apopka, FL

So, my crazy worklife has slowed just a bit at the moment. Mostly, I'm taking the next couple weeks to do research on the various campaigns I've been running and get a good head start for next year. And learning more about things like why disinfectants are not more widely peroxide based since we all know that ones based on phenols and Quaternary ammonium compounds are pretty toxic.

I also decided that The New Yorker is too important to my quality of life to not renew my subscription, especially since they send notices with bigger and better discounts practically every week. I'm so easily swayed by good marketing. Damnit!

Anyways, I'm heading to visit the fam on Monday in Florida and I thought I should talk again about the situation in Apopka, Fl. The last time I visited there was probably in September. I did my own toxic tour of the area. Smelly, gross, and just disgusting that these people are being targeted by so many environmental harms.

Here is are a couple pictures I took during that tour:

The reason that Apopka has gotten any press at all is because of studies on alligators. They are increasingly being born with decreasing penis size. Our world's amphibian's are becoming the focus of many studies in the past several years that are linking our toxicity levels to developmental mutations. But in many cases we are leaving out the growing link between these animals reproductive problems and the growing developmental disorders of the people that live near these animals.

Here is an interesting article on the potential extinction of amphibians.

Happy Sunday!

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