Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm not an anti-capitalist by any means of the imagination, but I do believe you shouldn't exploit people in order to get your share of the pie, we should be trying to make the pie bigger. I was born an entrepreneur and I will always be an entrepreneur. Yeah . . . I sold Iced Tea on the side of Rhode Island Ave in Coral Springs, Fl when I was 10. The way the economy looks these days, I might even do it again. I made bank, ya'll!

But I am kind of loving that congress hasn't given the auto industry a pat on the back and a full wallet. yet. They have refused over and over again to bend towards consumer needs and wishes for more energy efficient vehicles and instead pushed how every suburban mom needs a ginormous SUV to hustle the kids back and forth to pre-school. I have friends in south Florida that find an H3 essential to their . . Neiman Marcus shopping trips. And it's ridiculous.

So . . . good on you Congress. for this one anyway. And try not to fuck it up will you.


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