Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prostitution Free zones, coolness factor, and visits to Ben's?

What is going on this town? It's like I live in the same apartment but the city that I live in moved.

I saw on Huffington Post this morning that there will be prostitution free zones for the inauguration. One of my first memories of living in the district is driving up New York Ave and being in complete aww of the pimps in bright purple suites with really big hats and being able to see mumblemumblemuble of the prostitutions walking down the street. Is it even possible for DC to have prostitute free zones? Does the congressional staff know about this? I'm a little confused as to how this could possibly work out.

Then I read this article.

Will there no longer be Republican 23 year old boys at Wonderland? There are basic moments that exist living in the district. You're dancing to some good music, drinking some mimosa on the rocks in a pint glass, and you see a hot hipster boy. You make your friends walk over with you and you start chatting only to learn the hot hipster is a super conservative republican from the farmlands of ND, PA, or MN. You're shocked for a moment and then politely change the subject. But 23 year boys usually prefer to talk about bullshit for shock value, so you just keep dancing and order another mimosa on the rocks in a pint glass.

Did Bush ever visit Ben's Chili Bowl? Did you know that Mayor Fenty owned Fleet Feet? Are we going to get more bike lanes? Are we going to get statehood?

Now that the cool president is in town will H & M start stocking the stores with the clothes they usually only sell in NYC or Amsterdam or Vienna. (seriously that's where they stock the good shit)

Hmm . . . I'm really hoping to move out the district in the next several months, but this whole 'cool' things people keep talking about makes me want to hold off for a second. But DC usually brings disappointment so I won't be holding my breath for very long.

Also, read this article on BPA that was in one of my favorite magazines.

Happy Inauguration!

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