Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm in Florida visiting family. My sister and I just ate dinner and are watching tv. Since I haven't owned a tv since college, I'm completely mesmerized by anything on the little box with moving images. Did you know you could watch half a dozen People Court-esque shows throughout the day? I wonder if my lack of a tv has anything to do with my obsession with the periodic table. Interesting.

Anyways, we are watching this show called Weird, True, and Freaky. They are showing GIANT animals. A snake that is almost 50 feet long and 1,000 pounds. 30 pounds bunny rabbits. A giant squid (obvi)that could grow up to 46 feet stretched out. A Bovine that is over 6 feet tall. They even showed this giant poisonous frog that when you squeeze it gross orange poisonous puss comes out of its skin. oh my goodness!

Now Animal Planet is showing videos of dangerous animal attacks. Sharks, black marlins, and crazy eels.

Whoooaaaa! Animal Planet is super wild!

Maybe that doesn't have to do with toxic chemicals or environmental justice, but damn our planet has some crazy things going on it nonetheless even without stupid human tricks.


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