Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heading to the Bay

I'm heading to the other coast today. I'm showing up to a large companies annual shareholder meeting. I'm excited and nervous and interested in talking about the importance of green cleaning to a new audience. I find it interesting the learning curve of people, myself and others. I find it interesting that people who care about their children, the water near their homes, and the health of the planet in general don't often see the connection of those daily concerns to large scale impact of their jobs. Maybe people in really big companies who have worked really hard for big titles and big paychecks don't have the space to make those connections because they are working so hard on other things. Maybe.

Anyways, I'm sure it will all go well and I'm sure this big company will finish the job. I like everything else they do, but I thought it was a little inappropriate to call me ironic, unhelpful and disturbing as well as dishonest in both a letter and a phone conference. I'm a pretty helpful person I think. I was actually stunned that someone 30 years older than me that makes about 100 times more than I do and holds a whole bunch more power than I do, would scream at me in a meeting. Maybe I'm more powerful than I realize. Must think of ways to exploit this new found power? Or maybe they aren't as friendly as they say they are after all.

This pic should get you through the rough times of a Sunday.

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