Monday, November 16, 2009

Baked Knickers

I really want a fucking Newport Light right now. Seriously, since I started my new cigarette smoking habit I picked up while on holiday, I really love me some Newport Lights, just like when I was 16. You can't get Newport Lights in Amsterdam. They only have Marlboro Menthol - not a fan. But now I'm sick and I can't smoke anything at all.

I've been talking like a New York grandmother for three days now. Didn't hold me back from meeting a trumpet playing sustainable architect professor from Germany at the Jazz club on Saturday night. I love this town. So far I've met a Dr. Hans (like a fucking children's book character), a Brasilian Marine Biologist, a Dutchman that called me spoiled, a German trumpet playing sustainable architect professor, and a bunch of English, Dutch, Lebanese and African futbal/football/soccer players who beat the crap out of me last Thursday when I joined a pick up game.

So did you hear that Obama said told the head Burmese dude that Aung San Suu Kyi should be freed? Nicely done. Of course in the next speech he said that he wasn't going to make a deal at Copenhagen. But then he told a bunch of Chinese students that there are 'universal rights' such as uncensored internet access. Though he refused to meet with the Dali Lama when he was in DC. My head hurts from all your sideways talk, Obama. Did you see how Palin is accusing AP of opposition research for fact checking her book? Love it.

And the new Greenpeace International Executive Director is a South African and the New Greenpeace Africa Executive Director is a woman! She's pretty awesome.

Alright, my brain isn't working and I just had a conference call that has left my throat in a whole bunch of pain. Going to watch Dutch game shows . . . actually all the tv is mostly American, but no Glee!! When I'm home for Christmas I'm going to watch every episode and drink coffee and Baileys.


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