Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creatively Bankrupt Or In Need of Chemical Reform

I noticed just a couple days ago that I haven't been writing or drawing or taking photos of colors or lights or flowers that I find interesting. Have I become creatively bankrupt? I move to new place and I've got no inspiration? WTF?

I've been having the hardest time at work finding creative solutions to the challenges I'm facing. And when I see amazing new things here I just stare at them. . . in wonder and amazement of course, but mostly just staring, not being inspired to act on anything. This has never happened before to me.

I'm a little old to have adult onset ADHD (I think) I love the ways to cope with adult ADHD: (1) Get Evaluated (2) Get Medication (3) Get Educated (4) Get Organized (5) Get Counseling (6) Get Moving. Thanks! That was really helpful.

Maybe I was exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals as a child and it is only now settling in.

Maybe I don't go outside enough. I KNOW I'm not getting enough sunlight. I was so sick today, I worked with the laptop on my stomach as I layed on the couch and watched the sun come out for most of the day. It was very sad not to be outside for that. I need to get my new bike tire fixed and then I can ride around all day. And enjoy the 5 minutes of rain, then 5 minutes of wind, then 5 minutes of grey, then 5 minutes of sunshine, then 5 minutes of rain again . . .

A couple years ago I read this book called Lost Child in the Woods. Its talks about Nature Deficit Disorder. Do you love how I'm finding only childhood diseases to figure out why I've lost my creativity recently? Listen, I'm not 30 yet!

Anyways, the author Richard Louv, explains how because of a drastic change in lifestyle over the past couple decades children are not exploring nature like they use to and since we are, you know, animals and all, children need to experience nature to mature effectively. It's really a great book. I wish I had it with me, I could quote some of the pages I've highlighted (yes, I highlight my books). His blog looks somewhat interesting, though I don't like how it yells at me "Bad Request" when I try to click on past blog entries.

Have you checked out the Million Baby Crawl? Its a website by Seventh Generation to raise awareness on the impacts of the US chemical policies. . . I mean that there are no policies and we are injecting thousands of unsafe chemicals into our babies and uterus' . . . sorry that was a really gross image.

Anyways, this website is pretty interactive, you can make videos and shit. Check it out. This is a video on its launch. Its a little slow but it's a good outline on why chemical reform is really important especially to protect our children from intellectual and behavioral impacts. Did you know that we have 80,000 chemicals being used in everything from food coloring to shampoos to canned vegetable lining that has never been tested for its impacts? These chemicals are messing with our bodies, our animals (alligators with small penis' in Apopka are being studied by UF), and our children's behavior.

Please talk to your congress person about reforming TSCA, a bill signed in 1976 that isn't doing anything to protect us today.

. . . Maybe I should visit the library, that's always inspiring for me. And a friend of mine said the main library here is wonderful. Oh man, my favorite thing to do is sit on the floor of a public library combing through science, history, and art books! That should help get the creative juices flowing.

Maybe I'm just missing this guy.

And this mashup is kind of amazing!


ps. As I was writing this gem was released by Washington Toxic Coalition on babies being exposed to chemicals in the womb and it's impacts. Us Toxics campaigners sure do need to find some positive news and take actions soon. This whole thing is getting depressing!

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