Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eat. Drink. Sleep. I hate winter.

It's official. It's the middle of winter and all I'm capable is eating (a lot), drinking (a huge alot) and sleeping (maybe even more than I drink). Bah. Humbug. When does that sunshine come back to Northern Europe? I'm heading out of town soon. First, Paris, then Spain. All anyone can talk about right now is how wonderful it is in the summer. That the entire mood of the city changes, from gloomy to in-love-in-a-high-school-musical-like-feeling, where the 'parks' are covered with people drinking wine and eating cheese sandwiches and playing a game of football.

Summertime . . . . I miss you!

Have you read about how the FDA just said that BPA is not as 'safe' as all those industry studies suggest but they are having trouble making any larger sweeping statements because it was deemed 'safe' in 1936 as a food additive? Wait . . . maybe I drank too much wine and ate too many cheese sandwiches today, but I'm confused.

BPA is turning out to be one of those us against them chemical fights. Industry says we(us) are overreacting about its health impacts by siting its own funded studies . . . oh and that it makes a shit ton of money from adding it to everything from baby bottles to canned food lining. They send 'spokespeople' to city hall meetings and are creating social networking and discounting industry association fees to small businesses to widen its lobbying base in order to create confusion for people that don't have the time or patience to follow the story. Scientists have gotten fired from governmental agencies and professors are being targeted, all stuff that the environmental health movement has seen before.

Here are a couple stories to get you up to speed:

Risk on the Shelves from BPA (SF Chronicle Editorial, not article)

FDA Shifts Stance on FDA, some 'concerns' for children's health

Consortium Rejects FDA Claim of BPA's Safety

Ok, back to the couch and another nap and maybe some more cheese . . .

Renee Claire

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