Saturday, January 2, 2010

Team Twenty-Ten

I spent New Years with several friends I hadn't seen in a while, eating dinner and having drinks and almost getting into a bar fight with 3 disgusting men that got angry when one of us didn't want to dance with him or the rest of his friends that surrounded us at Saint Ex. We talked about what we were happy about seeing in the new year. I said being 30. There are only 26 days until that happens.

A couple of the women I was hanging out with were 5 years younger than me, the rest of us were all about 30. I'm excited about turning 30 because I'm ready to be done with all those stupid things I did over the past ten years. 21-25 were awesome! I had a lot of fun and explored many cities and met amazing people and changed many times over. 25-28 is where I made the worst mistakes. You see them coming and go for it anyway. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, the bad thing that you think could happen, won't happen . . . then it does.

I refuse to make new year's resolutions for several reasons, one being that I have little sense of commitment to most things, especially something that might be good for me, so why even bother. But I do have things I want to accomplish in the next year. Though I kind of feel that the new year began in October for me, when I made so many changes. Here are a couple things I would like to accomplish over the next 363 days.

(1) Write more, creatively and otherwise
(2) Read a shit ton more
(3) Curse a little tiny bit less . . . sometimes
(4) Study another language
(5) Fill many more sketch books with drawings and photos and scribbles of nonsense
(6) Take more care of the details
(7) Be more patient with people (at least be more aware of my facial expressions when people annoy me)
(8) And because I am a red blooded American woman, replace body issues with "yeah, that's right I got cuuuuuurves, bitches!"

Renee Claire

Ps. "After years of seeing a dramatic rise in children coming to hospitals with severe allergies and asthma, researchers believe the environment of expectant mothers may be to blame for health problems. They just aren't exactly sure how."

Pps. Favorite photo of 2009 . . . because I live in a city where you can take this photo while walking home from brunch

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