Monday, March 8, 2010

Strikes and Gutters.

No, I didn't watch the Oscars, but I did check out some fashion blogs this morning to see what everyone wore. Yes, I read fashion blogs regularly. Here are two of my favorite, though they didn't cover the Oscars.  Did you know that Joel Madden was the official Oscars DJ? That's weird.

Anyways, the sun was out in full force this weekend and I cycled throughout the city stopping in bars for some hot chocolate and cointreau to get out of the icy wind that was too wild for me to stay in the sunshine the whole time. Thank goodness I'll be in Miami in just four weeks. Equator here I come! Strikes.

Have you ever heard of Citizens for Fire Safety? They claim on their website to be, "Citizens for Fire Safety is a coalition of fire professionals, educators, community activists, burn centers, doctors, fire departments and industry leaders, united to ensure that our country is protected by the highest standards of fire safety." But many communities around the country fighting to eliminate toxic brominated flame retardants from their states know them as an industry front group that has been lobbying big time against chemical reform at the state level. It must suck to work for one of these groups.  Gutters.

My reading roll has continued. I just finished Audicity to Win. It was really good! Even though I knew exactly was going to happen on every page and it didn't highlight events that were particuarly meaningful to me in the same way that I felt about them (such as the race speech and the last rally in Manassas, VA) , I was still enthralled. Strikes.

Off to the next stop on my Monday tour of reading spots.
Renee Claire

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