Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Humidity

You can have at least waited until February ended to arrive, you know the most terribly cold miserable month on the planet in all that other places that actually experience seasons. But no here you are on my morning run, making me sweat at 7am before even leaving my front steps. When the guy on WWOZ this morning said "its 64 degrees outside" while I was searching for a pair clean-ish socks, I thought wow its going to be great run, but no, no it wasn't. I almost sufficated out there. And then while doing lunges on the riverwalk, I slipped twice because everything is covered in this light invisible dew. It's fucking February. No need for 80% humidity today. No need.

Besides almost dying this morning and realizing that I will need a gym membership if I'm to survive this place, I celebrated the beginning on Mardi Gras this weekend. One night out and two recovery days. I'm not sure if you knew this, but bars don't close here. Second weekend since I moved where someone else mentioned that it was 5am and when I looked around to see I had been locked inside the bar mistakenly, I saw the lights still low, the music still pounding, and no one looking like they are on their way home yet. But it's Carnival season, so I quickly headed to my local for one last miller high life with someone I can only describe as a very young Abraham Lincoln, if Mr Lincoln had a very large pelican tattoo and a La Place accent.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Have you seen this? Infant dolphins dying en mass in Mississippi? Still born dolphins are rolling up on the shores of Mississippi. But don't worry the oil is all gone and everything is back to normal.

Time to finish this strategic plan.

Renee Claire

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