Friday, April 22, 2011

Distracted Gumbo.

Man, I'm having trouble concentrating again! Today has not been my most productive day. This week hasn't been my most productive week.

I went to my favorite chill coffeeshop, the one that reminds me of Amsterdam and I ran into that one dude that would be great to chat with if he wasn't such an asshole most of the time. You know the kind. An hour later I finally made my escape (he bought my tea for me I at least had to stay and talk to him). I then was on the hunt for 20 minutes for my next favorite coffee shop. I always get lost in Bywater. And I was driving since I have a flat and haven't fixed it. This is what having an available car does to you. I need a lock on my car that determines whether this is a necessary drive or not. Most will not be necessary. The dude next to me has his laptop on his lap and his hands ready to start working if only he was actually awake. The guy in front of me a moment ago bent down to put his head on the counter while he was waiting for his cuppa to arrive. Maybe my distracted mindset is just because of the mood of the city. The heat is rising and we are starting to move slower down here.

Did you see this latest adventure from the Yes men?

Best scooter ever.

This month I had readers in new places: Arizona, Massachusettes, New Hampshire, Tennesse, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Sydney, London, Kharkiv, Winnipeg, and Patrai. Who are you?

I will be building raised flowerbeds in two weeks. Any helpful hints?

I have come to realize that I will not be able to afford all four days of Jazzfest and will thus camp outside the gates. I will be biking with my ice chest full of sangria and appetizers (because that's all I make) and comfy chairs and one of my good friends from DC. Maybe I can sell something. Do people still buy friendship bracelets? That's about as crafty as i get. I need a skill. That can make me money. Where do you get one of those?

A picture of me was in the USA Today yesterday. I think I might have been asleep behind my enormous sunglasses. And I was sweating. It was 8am. The picture shows all of this. Good Morning New Orleans. Sierra Club held a morning candlelight vigil to remember the Deepwater Horizon explosion. It was great little press conference, which I wasn't aware it was going to be, which is why I wore my moo-moo.

The Safer Chemicals Act was just re-introduced into Congress. Senator Lautenberg, a children's health advocate, introduced it and posted this video about the legislation. I kind of like it.

That is all. Time wasted. Must get back to creating a document that shows all the pieces of the three bills introduced to bring the Clean Water Act fines to the Gulf coast. yea me!

Since we have seen ZERO legislation passed to help fix the exploitation of corporate power which created the break down of regulation and enforcement that led to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and those over 250 million gallons of oil discharged into the Gulf of Mexico, it would be great if you asked your congressional delegation to support legislation to get all clean water act fines to the gulf coast.

Take action!

Renee Claire

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