Saturday, August 20, 2011

On My Way

2008 To Do List: (1) buy gold plated woodchipper charm necklace (2) launch face punching service (3) launch baby rental service (4) finish online boyfriend application (5) open New Orleans headquarters I can finally check off something from 2008 To Do List. That feels good. Going through some old personal emails yesterday I found this to do list from the e.m.p.i.r.e. A sarcastic-art-writing collective created by a couple friends in 2007 that quickly and regrettable dissolved for totally predictable unforseen circumstances. In an effort to create a more strategic and creative confrontational groundswelling of pressure to hold BP and the government accountable, I, along with one of my activist idols, are creating an art collective here in New Orleans. I'm going to host a regular art making party each month to create protest songs, posters, and strategies. I'm pretty excited to get this going! The boy is taking me here on Monday. You should adopt this dog:
His name is Padlock, though I think that needs to be changed. He was recently found in the Ninth Ward with a giant padlock holding a big metal link chain around his neck. The women that found him had to have it cut off by someone. He's almost two years old and he needs a home. He might come hang out with Georgia and I for a little while until that person comes along. He's pretty cute!! Renee

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