Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Another Manic Thursday

that's the worst one yet . . . .

Breakfast: physical therapy where I couldn't hold 3 planks for 30 seconds each and I think my underwear and new belly bulge was showing all their glory to the entire office but I did get another shot at traction. I'm really digging traction. A little robot stretches my spine out and my back doesn't hurt anymore . . . hell yeah! Also, my ortho Dr. is fucking hot. Nola Hot Doc. Almost as steamy as DC Hot Doc, also an Orthopedic. Are all Orthopedists hot? Luckily I tend to break things and sprain things often.

Lunch: I disappoint even more people. Get told off for giving up too easily and not believing in 'the movement' enough, have someone tell me our relationship is in obvious distress maybe never to be repaired, and 'Georgia still hasn't eaten (day two).

Late Afternoon Snack: Georgia goes to Obedience class. Barks through the entire 45 minutes. I think about kicking her, but kept reminding myself that people would see me.  . . . and that it is wrong to kick puppies. it is wrong to kick puppies. 

Early Fall Dinner: A fantastic bottle of Cabernet and twizzlers. Almost as wonderful as my favorite winter time dinner - bourbon and beef jerky. Georgia finally eats. Expensive organic duck and potato kibble. Fucking yuppie.

More breaking up phone calls to make tomorrow. These will hit my pride the worst.

Renee Claire

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