Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Gumbo

(1) Mitt Romney's son brought back the brither last month, but did you know that his own grandfather was a accused of not being American in the 60's? I didn't know this. Governor Romney of Michigan was born in Mexico because his own father was a polygmist and had fled south to live in peace with his multiple wives. Robert F Kennedy jr released an op-ed in the Huffington Post bringing attention to Romney's son's ridiculousness. Kennedy brings this up in the days leading up to the Citizen United anniversary happening later this month. He says that the rule that only natural born citizens can be president is to prevent other countries from controling the US, but today it seems that corporations are doing that just fine.

(2) Citizen's United. There are going to be protests around the country at federal courthouses. I will be in Chicago on January 20, maybe H and I will spark our own Occupy the Courts while on holiday. 

(3) Stephen Hawkings birthday is today. And there is a new biography. I want to read it.

(4) Joan of Arc's 600th birthday was Friday. There was a parade but I had to miss it. Damn you Leaderboard!

(5) The launch of artists on a mission last week was a success! Gary and I thought only 2 or 3 people would be there, but 35 people showed up to help brainstorm a year worth of art projects to call attention to the oil industry's hold on Louisiana. Big plans, we've got big plans! Anybody know how to quilt, build oil rigs, or have a dozen or so Huey Long costumes in their attic?

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