Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Starting the New Year Off Right

So in 2011 New Orleans saw 199 murders (Oakland saw 110), guess we are off to finishing ahead again. On Friday night 10 folks were shot and 3 killed after a mid-city high school football game. Two more were killed early this morning. One man was killed Saturday night in New Orleans East. And a curfew to keep kids under 16 out of the french quarter because of its known 'iniquity' has folks calling racism.  But don't worry dog owners of the Big Easy all these illegal dog parks we have been taking over for 40 years will be mixed use, part children activities and part dog park. Of course only after 6 city council meetings where neighbors discussed the importance of these spaces in the wake of hurricane Katrina. People cried, people yelled, threatened folks, and some showed photos of the time and money they spent on these green spaces when the city officials abandoned them. It was really interesting to hear how important people's time at the dog park is to them. There was strong emotion about friendships made and the sense of safety when so many people are being mugged in areas where folks don't gather. I only attended one meeting, but it was really (and unnecessarily) intense, though fascinating.  Oh and if you have important city government business tomorrow, don't bother trying to handle it at City Hall. It's closed  . . for the night LSU game. 

Welcome 2012!

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