Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dog is Not God Spelled Backwards

It's a direct translation of "shut the fuck up". Georgia has picked up the habit of loudly barking at me when she wants food, a walk, a belly rub, Beau to play with her, me to stop working at the computer, or when she wants to climb on my lap and pretend she is a 7 pound Shitz Shu. It's really annoying. I'm just letting her bark until she gets tired and walks away. It's helping but in the mean time oh my fucking god, just shut the fuck up Georgia!

This weekend I have Zuki back. You might remember him from such blog posts as "Zuki Wants to Cuddle With You!"  and "Sister and Brother from Another Mother".  My cousin Justin who lives just outside the city, that city being New Orleans my stuck up east and west coast and European friends, and adopted Zuki not long after I rescued him. You'll be happy to know I have yet to replicate the Summer of 2011 where I rescued 5 dogs off the street. Now I just pretend I don't see them out my car window. I've become a monster.

Zuki and Georgia are on the verge of homicide at any given moment, though they are also deeply in love, as it always seems to go. However, Zuki has some real separation anxiety, he was chained to a tree for who knows how long before I found him. He has some problems sleeping without Justin. And when I say sleep, I mean pacing the entire house whining alternated with walking around the bed the entire night and peeing in the laundry room. I have had serious sleep problems for as long as I can remember which means the only one sleeping when Zuki visits is Georgia. Another reason to hate her.

On another note, I just bought a stove top espresso maker. I have a percolator I bought in a garage sale for $3 in Oakland but this is a different kind called moka pot mini. here's a boring youtube video of how it works versus a traditional percolator.  I've learned through reading so many coffee websites and blogs that these folks are pretty boring in their explanations so consider this video par for the course. They obviously need some Renee Claire to spice up the industry. The moka pot mini is kind of awesome. I'm really excited for it to come in. With my new butcher block that I rescued from my moms garage this weekend, I now have an official coffee making station currently set up with two different types of grinders, two different types of cones, two french presses, and soon to be two different types of percolators. A big gap in my equipment is a Turkish coffee maker, which I use to curse loudly when I worked at a Turkish place in DC, but have now fell in love with after all those terrible Amsterdam coffees (Turkish coffee is much much better than anything you can get in Amsterdam). Of course a major part of the coffee station, is the liquor cabinet that sits just beneath it so if I make shitty coffee I can just pour in some Frangelico and call it brunch.

off to the gym! hopefully zuki won't tear apart my window unit like he did last year while i'm away.

ReneƩ Claire

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