Sunday, July 15, 2012

Its a good weekend to end a bad week

I don't know what went on last week but it was rough. The heat, the grumpiness, the shootings, the rapes, the robberies, the beatings, the bad coffee. I felt like everyone was having a bad week. Thank goodness for the weekend! And a great one.

Breesus is back!

I got a new rug!

I think I found a new couch I love that can still be used as a guest bed!

Yesterday was spent finding a great new bookcase, buying a great new rug, taking a wonderful nap, getting a super sketchy massage, having a couple of really good cocktails while listening to James Singleton strum a beautiful upright bass which is totally my favorite instrument ever, drinking a great rosé at Bacchanal, deciding to finally let go of someone I should have let go of a long time ago, drinking more cocktails at Mimis with my favorite New Orleans friend, and then wondering to Markey's for more cocktails and bumping into other good friends.

I watched Beau roll around in a ginormous mud puddle at the lake where he dipped his head straight into the puddle with a kind of glee I've never seen before.

My friend Andrew is writing one sentence a day in honor of Hemmingway's search for the perfect sentence and they are great!

I found this archived list of articles by writers on writing from the NYTimes.

There is a bbq in the french quarter with a pool later this afternoon!

And now I'm going Kayaking, though it kind of looks like it might rain. Scratch that it is raining. oh well. Beau needs several more baths to wash that nasty mud puddle smell away anyway. 

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