Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bodega's, Fake News, and I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

I've been hanging out in Brooklyn (specifically greenpoint) since last Sunday. Mostly for the boy, mostly for the naps, and little for the extra small overpriced apartment search.

I'm searching for a new place to lay my head and a new city to discover and get bored with in a few years. This time in Brooklyn (again). I'm hoping to get up there sometime this summer. So, I hung around off the G train in an effort to see how I would like it and if it was the right thing to do. I think I would and I think it is. The district will be a large piece of the past seven years for me. I feel like I came of age in this tiny town. 22-29 ain't no small feat to get out alive. Let me tell you, little darling.

This morning the boy and I stopped by this great little bodega that just opened up on Nassau. , called the Brooklyn Standard. It is an organic, slow food high hipster content bodega. Even with all that thrown in, I like it. The best coffee with milk that takes only 72 hours from teet to lips. When my new girlfriend (I have a crush on the barista, cute, tattooed, pours a damn good skim latte) told me that, I became a little concerned. Do I want to be that close to food sources? Doesn't milk need to sit around and go through a process for a little bit? 72 hours is a very long partying time, but just a hop, skip and jump for something that was squeezed out of a bovine's nipple. The boy and I had a moment of 'whooaaa that's intense'. And the girlfriend said 'yeah. i know. Enjoy, sweets!'. But it was one of the best damn latte's I've ever had, so I think I'm cool with it. Was it the hot girl making it or the freshly lactated milk? Not sure. But if you ever find yourself wandering around Greenpoint, you should stop in for a taste.

This brings me to some new topics I've recently found myself drawn to. Slow food. Community gardens. And my desperate need for a hobby. Work. Sleep. Eat. Walk. Metro. Work. Sleep. Eat. Walk. Metro. is starting to bring me down and bore me terribly. My brain needs to be challenged in ways that do not involve the chemical industry and upward managing.

I decided (with the understanding that I kill green things) that I want a hobby that involves community gardens. I'm obsessed with food. You can check out my little tummy, but I beg you not to, as proof. I also want to one day open a community center for neighborhood children to become part of a real community and experience the arts and creative endeavors as a way to make a community better and productive and peaceful. So I think getting my hands dirty a couple times a week, might be just what I need. I seriously think I also suffer from seasonial depression-like feelings. Winter be gone! I often drink and eat and sleep way more during the winter, which makes Spring ever the more delightful. Maybe it's just a mix of that and boredom and a little of wanting to be better intuned with where my food comes from. My body is very sensitive so I am often affected by the food I eat. Whether it is stomach pains for two days or allergic reactions to papaya skins or intense satisfaction from the perfect burrito, food is a big part of my life (I'm also southern) so I should know something about it. Yes, Liz you are helping move forward on this too! My little foodie! What are friends for if they don't move in the right direction? I guess getting drunk and swapping clothes, maybe.

Anyways, though I'm hoping to hop into this newly renovated apartment with awesome hardwood floors and the most amazing built in closets I just found near Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint May 1 (send good luck apartment wishes to me - the dude needs to put me at the top of the list) I am going to check out some of the community gardens in DC this month. There are a few. It seems like there are small amounts of everything in DC, but I guess it's because the city is actually quite small itself. 7 square miles. I also want to check out the community gardens in Brooklyn. There is also a co-op in Park Slope that I would like to join. You have to work like 3 or 4 hours a month. That would be a good hobby too and a nice way to meet like minded people. Though I'm not the biggest fan of the h.i.p.p.i.e.s.

So, the landlord, who served mimosas, fruit and cheese at the open house this afternoon, lived in the district for 5 years and his girlfriend is moving from DC to NYC to work for The Onion. I think we bonded over DC and working in VA. Yeah, I totally have a inside track to The Onion. Two degrees to fake news! Fuck yeah!

The room is pretty small. I'm going to have to sell most of my trash, which I'm happy about. I need to purge all the crap I never use/look at/have seen in years anyway. I'm thinking of taking pictures of most of my stuff and putting it on my flickr account then holding a open house for people to come visit. I was also thinking of serving Miller High Life and hummus. Could work in DC. I have soooo much stuff. Need to get rid of it. Maybe you want some of my stuff. Think about it.

Anyways, the neighborhood I want to move in Greenpoint is super cute. It's right next to the water. So I can walk two blocks and contemplate life choices near the waves, like I use to Florida. And visit adorable dark wood and red light cafe's and libraries. I can take pictures of warehouses and industry and even the sewage treatment plant located just blocks from my apartment. Evidentally a very talented light specialist designed the exterior lighting, making it all very pleasing to view at night. Though my room will most likely face a brick wall, the thought of the beautiful lighting seems good to me!

Well, that brings me to right now. In the second row of a chinatown bus back to the district. Just near ext 7A on the Jersey Turnpike. The dude next me to is snoring and my bright lit Mac is annoying my eyes, so I'm heading out to send good luck wishes for a good apartment to myself. And maybe a small nap.



Andy said...

Just read about in this months edition of Elle magazine (p.83). It's the world's biggest clothes swapping website and it's free!

Renee Claire said...


I was also thinking of emailing the fashion blogs I read here in DC (yes there actually are a couple and they are good too!) with a link to the photos of my clothes and goods on sale.