Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Disclosure, Acts of Quick Change of Plans, and Itching Eyes

This week has been a whirlwind of activity, plans (long term life kind alongside when to pee kind) and high pollen counts. I can't fucking believe its only Wednesday. It is shocking my brain right now!

In my old job I was definitely the girl that got shit done when shit needed to get done and this week put me back into that zone. Shit needs to get done? Choose me choose me!! Or in reality it 'heeeey you! come here and get shit done!', which works just as well. Monday morning I thought I would have a nice week catching up and then a relaxing weekend hiking in west virginia or pennsylvania and maybe a long bike ride and a good brunch. Turns out I'm flying to Florida, sorting shit out, taking a train to Fort Lauderdale, sorting shit out, touring toxic school sites, sorting shit out, waking up at 4am, flying back to DC, sorting shit out, taking a bus to NYC, sorting shit out, busing my way back to DC, sorting shit out, and then maybe when next Friday comes around I'll take a short nap, before I have to sort some more shit out.

Earlier in the week I was having some mini-panic attacks about it all, but then I realized this is how I live. This is actually my life. For better or for worse. And I kind of like it. In fact, I've gotten more done in the past three days, then I've gotten done in weeks. I've even been going to the gym and taking vitamins. I mean, I never do those things. Ever. This is my life. All or nothing.

I also recently subscribed to a bunch of EPA and HHS and email lists. Those bitches send a whole lot of emails. But they are really interesting too. They are all sending out updates on how they are using the recovery money and it's really helpful to keep track of what's going on, including what companies are being fined and what toxic sites are being listed as superfund sites and what states are using recovery money for green jobs and water conservation project. I just got an email from HHS. Here is where it sent me.

Not bad. I like how it has the person that submitted the activity and her phone number as well as latest activity with recovery money.

What are you using the recovery money for?


p.s. the tree pollen count is extremely high today and my eyes itch.

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