Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Update

In case I haven't spoken to you in the past week:

I quit my job
Georgia was bit by a dog at the park and has a big lump on her throat. She will be fine.
I am bad luck for your health - I took three people/dogs to the emergency room in the past 7 days. Either I am good luck because I was there or I am the cause, not sure yet.
I need a housekeeper and a wife to organize my life.
My back problems have something to do with my nerves. Taking steroid pack, like a Z pack. No, I have not suffered any roid rage. But thanks T for your creative imagination.
J and I wallowed in the Saints lost on Sunday by having dinner at Green Goddess, drinking lots of manhattans and then smoking cigars.
I got two jobs to replace the one I quit.
I am even happier that I don't hang out on Bourbon st. I was not around the shootings last night, none of the three that left two dead and 10 wounded.
Yes, I still live within two houses of a crack house and prostitutes walk up and down my block all day/night.
I kind of love that occupy wall st is releasing their financial information daily. Raised $450,000 spent $50,000. I also love that they decided to send $20,000 to occupy oakland after they were attacked by the police.
I am flabergasted by Oakland Police raiding Occupy Oakland. How does a police department who is constantly in the news for abusive cops and have a rather justice motivated population that continues to highlight such abuse continue to function as if nobody is watching or caring? It's amazing.
T is continuing to put up with Renee World. I'm not sure what that means.

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