Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Silence

I'm sure you are up on your Occupy events, but just in case you haven't heard of the UC Davis students pepper sprayed while sitting on the sidewalk with their heads down take a look at this.

UC Davis

Calls for the Chancellor to resign are all over the place. I haven't read what her orders were or what she had thought of the protest that has sprung up around the country before the pepper spraying so I'm not sure if her resignation would prove anything.

On Saturday two police officers were put on leave because of their actions during the protest.

On Sunday a couple dozen students held a silent protest as the Chancellor walked to her car. It's amazing and really powerful.

And it keeps going

One of my favorite parts of the Occupy movement is its satire like Occupy Sesame St. Here are some interesting photos of other moments of history where cops have pepper sprayed (not really).

If you haven't read the NYTimes article entitled, "Heaven is a place called Elizabeth Warren", you should. I love her.

Oh and this one is good too, it's not about Occupying anything but it is about eh Sierra Club's long time former Executive Director stepping down from the board because of difference of opinions. Kind of interesting.

I added sweet potatoes and miltons to my Sunday stew and then chewed on hubig pies and saw Rebirth play it up at the Po-boy festival. Not bad for an afternoon.

Renee Claire

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