Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh America

I'm finally coming out of the whiskey, red wine Seattle San Fransisco haze a day left in my trip to the West coast. Doesn't mean I won't be eating a greasy bacon cheese fried egg sandwich and terrible coffee in a couple minutes.  I can't wait to go back to New Orleans where people are civilized and continue planning my Mad Max Mardi Gras costumes and dance off with Krewe Delusion. I'm thinking black tutu, Doc Martin's, long fingerless gloves, and Uma Therman wig circa Pulp Fiction but in silver.

Because freedom isn't free?

Because I love when Barney Frank yells at people. One of my favorite is in a podcast in 2009 with Planet Money when the reporter discussed his anxiety of interviewing Barney Frank then at the very end of his interview Barney screams why did you ask me a complicated question when I only have short time answer it.

Because we really fucked up the Mississippi River Delta. 

Renee Claire

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