Monday, May 28, 2012

No Sleep Till . . .


Off to Canada today for a conference where I have to speak on a panel. In front of people. About IT and climate change. s.c.a.r.y. We'll see how that goes. And all my shoes have Georgia bites in them. Will need to find a new pair once I arrive today.

I got to watch actual tv last week instead of Hulu or Netflix. It was strange not having total control over what comes next and to watch the news. I think I've seen this before but for some reason I remember it more this time. The news reports on what is trending on Twitter. I think that's interesting but I also think  . . . are you fucking kidding me? Maybe when there is a revolution happening somewhere in the world and you can report on where the most tweets are coming from on this issue and by what demographic and the content of those revolution based tweets. But to report on rhianna being a trending twitter topic on the NEWS!!!  makes me sad for humanity.

Au Revoir

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