Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bringing Out the Crazy

Why Obama will win the election. I thought the McCain/Palin madness was a once in a lifetime event, granted Obama had a real fight on his hands because that combination brought out a very mobilized crazy. I think he won, in part, because there IS something about Obama that brings out the crazy in fringe American voters. And that crazy fringe scares the shit out of the rest of us. Most people are in the middle and care about people and want to move forward as a country instead of backwards. The Republicans are so terrified of losing that they are making the terrible mistake of embracing this fringe that most people are so scared of. And now that campaign season is on, the crazy is back. Donald Trump, thank you. Please be Romney's running mate!

I subscribe to Forbes. I find it interesting and most of the columns infuriating, which is partly why I read the magazine. One column is particularly infuriating to me. The author tries to explain the 99% movement as anti-creativity and entrepreneurship. Needless to say, I believe she misses the point. The 99% movement, which I identify with, is anti- the concentration of power and disenfranchisment of American voters and taxpayers through overly large corporations and the political players that support them. It is FOR small business owners that help to create and keep alive our communities, which means it supports the creativity and hard work to sustain these business. And is AGAINST the creativity it takes to remove power from everyday people for larger and larger wallets for fewer and fewer people. There is a big difference in this and what the author of this column states.

Granted I agree it can be difficult to learn about the 99% movement's message when you see fights in the streets, hippies in drum circles, and dirty people on the news. (Even if the cops around the country are taking a ridiculously harder stance on this movement than in other movements such as say the anti-choice movement that actually kills people. But that's a story for another time.) The 99% movement sometimes looks like something other than what it is. As a very very liberal person myself I too am annoyed by the people I see and hear in the movement. There was a photo running around last year among my friends that said I hate drum circles but I hate corporate greed more.  I've attended Occupy NOLA meetings and all they do is fight about how all they do is fight. I haven't been back. But sometimes we have to look beyond the messenger. Though we may not always like who is saying it, the media should be looking beyond partisan stereotypes in order to explain what is truly being said by the 99% movement. Yes, I understand this is just an opinion column, but it is also a misinformed one in a magazine that has a lot of influence.

This was my favorite cafe in Montreal. One of the best espresso's I've ever experienced. A smooth velvet of earth and sunshine in a tiny little porcelain cup.  Another reason to have my own shop.

And . . . blueberries are back!

ReneƩ Claire

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