Thursday, December 15, 2011

100% Success Rate

Why don't I run everyday anymore? Because seriously I am happy everytime I do. What else in life has a 100% success rate?

A couple good things today:

Facebook announced that it will invest more thoroughly in renewable energy. Meaning that one day your Facebook posts won't be powered by coal and high childhood asthma rates.

Former First Lady Laura Bush wrote a great Op-ed about the importance of Gulf coast conservation.  Because seriously folks protecting the environment has nothing to do with political ideology and you look like you might want your children to have only rivers that can be set on fire and trouble breathing when you say "I'm a Republican so I'm not an environmentalist" Of course you could just be an asshole and that too has nothing to do with political ideology.

Alright back to carefully reading 10 different corporate sustainability reports. Yeaaa!!! 

Renee Claire

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