Monday, December 19, 2011

Where Should I live in 2050?

I'm doing some research into oil industry subsidies and I just found the most depressing interview I've ever read about the state of Louisiana. Seriously, you need a bottle of wine sitting very close by if you choose to read this. Why did I move back home again? It's that terrible.

Oh and here is an article in the Washington Post about how the American Petroleum Institute(API) is lying about jobs claims. They are stating there will be 1 million new jobs created by 2018 if the federal government keeps oil subsidies in place and expands new oil drilling lease areas. No mention of the lost of family fishermen, fisheries, and tourism that will come with all those oil spills. (most updated tally: 4,000 in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP oil disaster)

And here is a blog in response to Senator Markey's questions sent to API about their jobs claims. I really love it when folks dismiss those that ask the oil industry to explain their actions, you know like what's up with the records profits while shipping jobs overseas and then telling the world that those that don't support subsidies are un-American. 

And here are some pictures of cute kittens to shake off the sadness when you think about the fact that New Orleans will be permanently underwater in 2050.

Renee Claire

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