Tuesday, December 27, 2011

THe Perfect Ending to the Year

I almost died Monday morning. . . . maybe I exaggerate. On Sunday evening I drank some yummy Uncle Carrie Hot Toddy's, made with freshly grown oranges, Meyers Rum, lemon, and local honey topped with a nice cinnamon stick because I was feeling a cold approaching. But that did nothing for me when I woke at 430 to go duck hunting, sorry CH. I didn't make it out to the blind in Kaplan since I woke feeling dead. I had a terrible fever and spent most of the day unconscious with Geogia snuggling up next to me on my grandmothers couch. I tried to work which resulted in writing I want no part of. My mom said I came in and out of sleep on the couch talkin out my head during the Saints game. I did however wake with 3 minutes left to the game. Clearheadedly (is that a word? and am I ever?) watching Brees break Marino's record. So at least I didn't miss that.

Tuesday was a little better, but I forced myself to drive 2.5 hours sneezing and trying to make the feeling in my left ear come back. I drove home from New Iberia and then gargled salt water. Disgusting. But my ear is finally kind of starting to feel like its normal size. Today was much better. I could actually sit up for more than a couple hours at a time.

This morning when Georgia was barking at something outside while I had her tied to the front porch, I spoke with my neighbor from across the street who asked, "you went and ate wit ya people out dere, yeah?" Yes, I ate with my people this weekend.

It's almost perfect that I'm ending the year scrambling to finish a report while feeling terribly sick and missing out on some potential vacation time. My biggest motivation to getting this all finished is that when I do I can start the costume making.

BTW, I just learned about the Death Clock. It says the day I will die is May 3, 2079. That's fucking old. But if I smoke it will only shorten my life by two years, August 7, 2077. It's totally worth it to smoke. I really don't want to live that long. I'm hoping for mid-50's, tops. But if I become a pessimist, I can shorten my life by 50 years! This is all good to know.

Quite a strange year, in fact the past two years have been quite an adventure. Not exactly what I had in mind when I first quite my job in 2009, bought a one way ticket to Europe and realized I may need some money to stuff my face and pollute my liver once I arrived. I didn't really have a plan and I'm not sure I do now two years later. But after ten years of almost constant travel, I do feel a little more settled. I even bought a kitchen table and have my eye on a couch. I may even paint a wall in this place.

Maybe I don't know any of the big answers to my life any more clearly but I know that I'm going to keep my christmas tree up until February and make it a Mardi Gras tree. I know that I'm going to finish building a Krewe de Lune costume in the next month. I know I'm going to Chicago to celebrate my birthday with a good friend on January 19. And I know that I will not be moving anytime soon. That's good enough for me right now. Besides since when do I ever take the easy path, the bumpier the better I say!

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