Sunday, September 4, 2011

My House Didn't Flood During Katrina

Hi Folks,

I'm sure the news across the country is talking about the Gulf Coast being battered by Tropical Storm Lee. And on the coast and in the bayous the flooding is  . . . well . . . like it always is when it raise . . . extensive. Fortunately, my neighborhood didn't flood during Katrina and isn't flooding today. Though Zukes, the newest pittbull rescue in my home, did knock out the air con window unit paneling while I was away at brunch. He is slowly chewing up this shotgun. He's the sweetest thing on the planet, but he might have to go somewhere else. Or at least I need to get that last cage he broke out of back in working order and buy some more zipties.

I'm hosting the first 'FUBP Monthly Salon' tomorrow evening. This is part of my invitation email:

* Because 'F#*&$  You BP' has run through your head more than a hundred times over the past 17 months.
* Because you are interested in strategically and creatively confronting BP and our government for not protecting our Gulf Coast from reckless oil pollution
* Because you want to eat dinner, drink a couple beers, come up with funny songs, paint good posters, and strategize about regular creative, unique, confrontational protests on the Gulf Coast
* Because you're frustrated with all that letter writing, attending all those GCERTF/listening sessions, being pushed to a side room/corner table in a loud cafetaria/given stress balls during public hearings by our 'leaders' and playing the game set up for community involvement without any movement on an actual Regional Citizens Advisory Council and little results to show for all our hard work and time spent away from our families

Each month we will gather at my double in St. Roche to strategize interesting creative confrontations to beat the drum that no matter how much money BP is pumping into their public relations campaign nationwide, we know the oil is still here and that we are not restored and we have not recovered and we will watch BP and our state and federal governments for the long haul.

I'm hoping that this little independent side arm of radicals can help bring on some fun and effective events to help the rest of our folks who are engaging in the process and writing the letters and communicating through the correct channels of authority in this restoration process. I will keep doing those things too, but I will not sit down and ONLY play their game. I will help create our own game with our own rules, because this is about our communities and our coast and our people that BP and the rest of the extraction industry has fucked up for decades. I refuse to become a resident of Monroe. (that's what Southern Louisianians say to get people excited about finding solutions to coastline erosion, Monroe is in North Louisiana, you might as well live with the Yankees)

so FUBP!

Renee Claire

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